frequently asked questions

Why did you create this service?

We were looking for a GDPR compliant, fast loading solution with low complexity. Because we could not find a suitable platform, we build our own. Our solution is suitable for any platform, but works exceptionally well for performance-optimized websites.

You copy my images. Is that legal?

Yes! Instagram does not own your images, nor your copyright. They are only non-exclusively(!) licensed to use them in almost any way. However, these are still your images. Since you (have to) give us permission to host these images, this is no violation of any rights in any kind (as far as we know).

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes, but if you are NOT using our WordPress plugin (see getting started), you may need a DPA (Data Processing Agreement). When you access the images directly, your visitors are sending requests to our servers, giving us a potential insight in your traffic. You can contact us, using the contact details below, to request a signed standard DPA. Visit our privacy page to learn more.

How does data removal work?

You can retract your permission at any time, so we (can) no longer download your images. After you retract your permission we automatically remove your images within a day. Additionally, you can submit a removal request. We will then also remove your user account from our servers.

Why is it called 'PPI Loader'?

PPI Loader stands for Profile Page Images. Our tool deliberately does not have 'insta' or 'gram' in its title to prevent backlash from Facebook (because of alledged trademark infringement).

Not a (front-end) developer?

No problem. We also aim to provide a series of platform-specific tools. We offer a Jekyll (SSG) integration through our partner website Jekyll Codex and we offer a WordPress plugin, called 'PPI Loader'. Additionally we offer a ready-made HTML/CSS/JS solution to use in any project.

What does the future hold?

We are currently developing this tool further. Once we have enough features and users and we get positive feedback, we will start asking a very small fee to compensate for the hosting cost. Until then: use it for free and let us know what you think!

Who uses it?

Currently we have 287 active users and 36 websites (we know of) that use our service. Below you can find these websites. Do you want your website to be listed here? Send us an email.